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Mold Damage Orlando FLMold grows from elevated moisture levels in as little as 48-72 hours, and, unfortunately, once it starts to grow, it has to be removed in a controlled fashion. The only answer is mold remediation, also known as mold removal or mold cleanup.

Dryfast Systems can provide fast and thorough mold remediation. Our service technicians can be on site within two to four hours equipped with all the necessary tools to complete the mold removal process quickly and accurately. Our equipment is technologically advanced and precise, allowing us to consistently and accurately monitor moisture levels, as well as fully remove mold from a structure. If you think you need mold removal, mold damage repairs and remediation services, whether it’s basement mold damage, crawl space mold or attic mold damage, contact us today – your trusted mold damage contractors in Orlando.

With Mold Remediation from Dryfast Systems You Can Expect:

  • Timely response 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  • Professional technicians trained and knowledgeable about all facets of mold remediation
  • Accuracy and thoroughness

How Does Mold Spread

Growing mold releases microscopic spores, that is tiny little seeds that drift in the air. It’s almost unavoidable that some will come inside your house. The problem begins when they find the conditions they need to develop into mold: dark, damp, stagnant or mostly still air and temperatures above freezing.

Attic & Basement Mold Cleanup

The most common places for mold to show up is within your attic or basement area. This is because these areas tend to be dark with little to no temperature control. Especially with basements, where temperature differences between the upstairs and downstairs encourage the formation of humidity and condensation, they have a higher chance of moisture getting inside thus the cold dampness becomes a perfect breeding ground for mold spores. You’ll most likely know you have mold damage when you smell it. It will have a damp musty smell like rotting leaves. You’ll know for sure you have mold when you see white, black, brown, gray, yellow or green splotches all over the place.

Regardless if you have mold in basement or attic spaces, you need a mold removal company sooner than later. to handle any sttic or basement mold cleanup. Our specialists are trained and certified to catch mold damage throughout your home, and have a keen eye to spot the harder areas that need attic or basement mold removal.

Toxic and Black Mold Troubles

Mold Cleanup Orlando FLToxic molds produce chemicals called mycotoxins, which may cause serious illness, infections and possibly even fatal conditions. Commonly called “black mold,” many of these, such as the greenish-black Stachybotrys mold and its cousin, Memnoniella, grow on popular building materials such as wood, fiberboard, gypsum board, paper, dust, and lint. The common health concerns from molds include hay fever-like allergic symptoms. Certain individuals with asthma may experience difficulty breathing. Individuals with low immune systems may be at increased risk for infection from molds. 

It’s critical you treat every mold situation with care. At the first signs of mold, call our mold removal company to handle any and all mold damage. Our goal is not just to handle mold removal in your home, but to make sure you and your family stay safe as well.

Your Professional Mold Removal Team

Mold Removal Orlando FLOur mold remediation techniques comply with the EPA, NYC Health Department and IICRC S520 guidelines. We take continuous moisture level readings throughout the process so we know without a doubt that all the moisture is completely removed from the area. Once wet, porous materials such as drywall are an excellent food source for mold, which will begin to grow rapidly if the moisture remains. Mold is a health hazard, and we are 100% dedicated to complete mold removal so you can maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.

You can be sure that when you choose Dryfast Systems to remove mold from your home or business, you are receiving the most professional and reliable services at the best price.

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