Industrial Water Damage

Water damage can cripple a business. Like all unwanted water intrusions, industrial water/flooding incidents require fast response to minimize damage to the structure and contents. Dryfast Systems’ has been serving the Greater Orlando, Florida area for over 15 years, delivering quick response times and professional water damage mitigation to industrial buildings owned by both small businesses and large corporations. Our dedicated, knowledgeable technicians are equipped with everything needed to assess and mitigate industrial water intrusion, from meters and infrared cameras to pinpoint water damage locations, to mitigation equipment including air movers, dehumidifiers, high-level disinfection/decontamination misters and air scrubbers to dry out and return the building to normal as soon as possible.



Water Damage Mitigation, 24 Hour Emergency Service

Dryfast Systems offers 24 hour emergency services every day of the year to keep your business running. We proudly and diligently follow the IICRC (Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification) guidelines to ensure safe, effective water damage mitigation, because we know that improper water mitigation can result in more costly and dangerous problems, including mold, poor indoor air quality and potential health problems to building occupants.

In addition to responding to water and mold issues, Dryfast Systems can also provide equipment useful in industrial applications. The desiccant dehumidifiers used by Dryfast Systems are ideal for industrial drying applications, such as surface preparation prior to applying coatings. Portable air scrubbers provide high-performance filtration of airborne contaminants in a wide range of applications, including remediation and disaster restoration, as well as construction, renovation, and industrial operations.