Your home represents your biggest investment by far; having it compromised by water can be devastating. Getting into contact with the right residential water mitigation company can mean the difference between saving your valuables, or having to replace them.

We are a locally owned and operated company in Central Florida for 18 years, we are here to help you with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew with fair pricing. We are servicing Central Florida and the Space Coast, including Brevard, Volusia, Nassau, and Flagler Counties.

What Is Residential Water Mitigation?

Water in your home can come from a variety of places; a leak, a backup, a flood, etc. Professional water mitigation means more than sucking up the water and laying down towels. We make sure that your water issue doesn’t turn into a mold issue by proper use of fans and dehumidifiers.

We specialize not only in water mitigation, but also mold remediation, so we dry your home to prevent mold growth. A thorough, professional water mitigation service after a flood goes a long way in ensuring proper cleaning and decontamination to secure a safe healthy home.

What Should You Do?

-Stay Calm: This is the first thing you must accomplish. Keep in mind that prompt action can result in saving a majority of your possessions.

-Cut the Power: After you call us, if you can do so safely, turn off power to your home, this is to ensure no electrical injuries occur to you or us!

-Save Small Things: While waiting for us to arrive, you can start moving small items such as books or chairs that you would like to save.

We Can Bill Any Insurance Company Directly, Including:

Progressive Insurance
State Farm Insurance
AllState Insurance
Citizens Insurance
Florida Family Insurance
Nationwide Insurance
St.Johns Insurance
Tower Hill Insurance
Travelers Insurance
American Strategic Insurance
United Property and Casualty Insurance

What To Look For In A Water Mitigation Company

You don’t want a bad situation to get worse, because you chose the least expensive water mitigation company. Keep in mind, many insurance companies cover the work that we do. Hiring a quality company to restore your damaged home can even save you money in the long run.

You want to choose a company that has 24 hour availability in case of emergencies, this is common, but some budget companies don’t offer it, and waiting for something like water mitigation can be disastrous.

Your company of choice should be certified in not only water mitigation but also mold remediation. They should be certified by an industry leader, and they should have no problem showing you the certifications.

Dangers of Choosing the Wrong Guys for the Job:

There are no federal regulations that govern who can and can’t work in this business. So what does this mean? Simply, anyone with a mop can announce themselves as a water mitigation company. This being said, choosing the wrong company can result in less than mediocre work, and a home still plagued with the aftermath of water.

We are so good at what we do that we teach it! If you have any reservations about if we are the water mitigation company for you, keep in mind that we are certified to teach our trade for continuing education credits.